Executive Team

Wayne Blazejczyk

Wayne Blazejczyk has played an instrumental role in the development of the boutique investment manager since its founding in 2016. The foundation of Blazejczyk’s career in finances is rooted in work experience as well as his strong educational background, he holds a Diploma of Financial Services for both Finance & Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning. In the decades since he entered the financial services space, he has become the director, owner, and shareholder of a host of corporate entities spanning across Australia.

Wayne Blazejczyk, prior to assuming the role of shareholder and owner of Ballast Holdings Pte Ltd, honed his craft as a financial planner and insurance agent. It was during this time that he became the Director of Australian Finance Group. The desire to grow within his space led to Wayne Blazejczyk becoming the CEO of One Stop Corporation Pty Ltd. There, he was responsible for providing consulting and logistical strategy implementation for clients spanning multiple industries such as finance, accounting, real estate, and financial planning. Blazejczyk was in complete control of the company, its expansion, and the facilitation of practices to enable its success. One of the most crucial facets of this position was training and fostering the development of his team, as it allowed him to hone his ability to balance the diverse needs of his clients and staff simultaneously.

Wayne Blazejczyk continued to gain experience as an administrator after leaving One Stop in 1999. He became the owner and shareholder of the multiple Ballast companies including Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd, Ballast Finance Pty Ltd, Ballast Accountants Pty Ltd, Ballast Financial Planning Pty Ltd, and Ballast Superannuation Management Pty Ltd and held crucial roles within the companies until they were sold. During his tenure at these organizations, Wayne Blazejczyk was the Managing Director for Ballast Property Pty Ltd and Ballast Financial Services. Throughout this period of his career, Blazejczyk developed a reputation for his innate ability to facilitate growth within companies and leading his team towards tools and resources that would enable their success. Wayne Blazejczyk’s passion for improving existing logistical systems continued to make him an asset to his peers as he progressed.

Wayne Blazejczyk ensures that all members of his company and subsidiaries are given the tools necessary to succeed. He acknowledges that, while there are several aspects of the industry that tend to be static for protocol reasons, many facets of the career path can be tailored to fit the skillsets and expertise of team members. Wayne Blazejczyk excels at emphasizing the strengths of his team in ways that positively impact their career trajectory and work satisfaction.

Outside of the office, Wayne Blazejczyk is known by his peers as a lifetime hockey enthusiast. He is a life member of Fremantle Hockey Club and has played for a variety of different teams since he began playing the sport competitively. Wayne Blazejczyk has experience coaching the sport as well, and currently holds the position of head coach for Letchworth Women’s Hockey Club. While Wayne Blazejczyk’s hockey career may not seem directly applicable to his business development acumen at first glance, he consistently speaks to how the sport rewards many of the same values as his career path. Teamwork, dedication, respecting fundamentals, and remaining flexible in one’s approach to obstacles are all aspects of the sport that Wayne Blazejczyk finds immensely important within the office as well.