About Bateau

Bateau Asset Management is a boutique investment manager founded in 2016, an Australian investment management company with an absolute-return investment philosophy and a multi-manager approach to investing.

Bateau Asset Management focuses on its clients and on delivering consistent investment returns in-line with its stated objectives.

Bateau Asset Management’s commitment to investors includes:

  • prioritising risk adjusted investment returns,
  • a focus is on achieving absolute returns through the economic and financial market cycles,
  • providing regular, clear investor communications, and
  • being transparent in all aspects of its business

Investment Committee

Paul McGregor

Paul, has an established and proven history of client development and management in the financial markets with comprehensive responsibilities across balance sheet, trading and funds management clients. Paul has experience in Global Prime Broking solutions for both domestic and international clients and is a member of the Market Practice committee for the Sydney Futures Exchange. He also has extensive experience in industry related compliance and legislative requirements related to trading and funds management. Paul has been in the industry for over 35 years having worked with such entities as Goldman Sachs JB Were, BGC Partners (Australia) and ICAP Australia to name a few. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Registered Representative of the Sydney Futures Exchange.  Over the last 35 years, Paul has gained extensive experience in the financial services industry at both operational and Managing/Executive Director level and brings a considerable amount of expertise to any investment committee.

Steve Lowe

Steve, has worked in the Global Finance and Commodity Industries for over 35 years, with significant experience in the physical, financial and logistical aspects of these markets, with particular focus on the energy and carbon sectors over the last twenty years. He has successfully executed transactions around the globe. Steve has a unique blend of experience and success in not only the trading aspects of these markets but also how to combine all aspects of the chain, from structured finance, debt and capital raising, distribution and marketing strategies and advisory positions. This success and experience has been in widely varied roles, working for banks, public and private corporations and government owned institutions, proving that Steve has a strong ability and vision to adapt to the unique requirements of any institution in any market circumstance. In the last twenty years, Steve has gained further stature in senior executive, general management and as a serving Board member, including Chairing a publicly listed company.  In essence, Steve brings a wide ranging breadth of skill, knowledge and experience to any team. Not only are these demonstrable and considerable contributions in his field of expertise, he brings Board experience, executive leadership skills and senior management experience, having served on Executive OH & S, Audit and regulatory committees, but also on Board Committees for Retail Strategies, Trading and Regulatory Compliance in regards to financial distribution.